Gregory W. Cappelli, CEO & Chairman

Hello and Welcome,

Building a knowledge base is the most important multiplier for international economic development and Apollo Global is poised to capitalize on this global demand for higher education.

Our goal is to improve and broaden educational options and access for students on an international scale through strategic investments in educational institutions. Striving to enhance the lives of students through their preferred institutions is approached with care and executed by a multinational staff of experienced merger, acquisition and educational professionals.

Leveraging our parent company’s scaleable and innovative educational model and resources, proven over the last 40 years, is Apollo Global’s competitive advantage. Apollo Global acquires institutions with the intentionof merging into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Our respect for the established institution, its visionary leadership, dynamic student and faculty culture, its history and position in the country, and finally, its overarching educational purpose, all compose the continuing theme upon which Apollo Global builds its mission.


Gregory W. Cappelli